"When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned: Do not have sex with the authorities."

Matt Groening

About Kink Underground

Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask (in case you got a beating)

Kink Underground is a two-man event production team (supported by an awesome team of volunteers) focused on bringing interactive and inclusive kink events to Victoria BC.

Our focus is a series of fetish-themed club nights called the Kink Underground Fetish Revue. The night features sexy music, kinky performances, and a strict fetish dress code. By offering this club night, we seek to fill an un-met niche in Victoria's kink and sex-positive communities – a dance night for the kinky and kink-curious. An area of possible expansion in the future is kinky workshops and kink-themed arts events.

Our overall goal is to compliment and expand existing communities with offerings presently unavailable in Victoria. We're happy to welcome the entire rainbow of orientations, genders, sexes, and interests in Victoria for celebrations of diversity.


Kink Underground (and its events) are not primarily a money-making venture. Rather, our events are geared to support kinky artists and to expand kink culture in Victoria. For the foreseeable future, event proceeds will contribute directly to development of new resources for other Kink Underground events.

About KnottyRope

KnottyRope is a longtime kinkster with strong connections in the international kink and rope communities. He looks forward to using his international connections to bring world-class kink and fetish to Victoria. KnottyRope is an experienced and dedicated rope enthusiast. Stand still for long enough and he'll probably wrap you up in rope (beautifully).

Kinky Performers Needed!

Kink Underground is always looking for kinky performers! If you have an idea for a PAID performance that has a significant fetish or kink focus, please contact us!