"When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned: Do not have sex with the authorities."

Matt Groening

Kink Underground Fetish Revue Photo Rules

Read this before you ask if you can bring your camera phone.

So you have decided to come to the Kink Underground Fetish Revue! Sweet! We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in order to rock your inner freak and dress to impress. We know that privacy is important, especially when it comes to protecting it from the less "open-minded" people in the world. So, to protect everyone's privacy, photos may only be taken in the designated photography area. Photos will not be allowed in other portions of the venue. Leave your camera phone at home!

Now, we know that you'll be dressed your kinky best and may definitely want some photos! We've got that covered. One of our amazing official photographers will have a photobooth ready to immortalize you in JPG form! Please note that images will be posted online at in the Kink Undergound Photo Galleries.

If you're a bit camera shy, we'll have some masks for you to wear, but if you really don't want your photo posted online – don't have your photo taken!

Please note that persons in violation of the photo rules will be asked to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

Kinky Performers Needed!

Kink Underground is always looking for kinky performers! If you have an idea for a PAID performance that has a significant fetish or kink focus, please contact us!